PromEngineering, as a part of the offered services, successfully handles the issue of arrangement of various financial instruments that are necessary for the implementation of an engineering project.

In particular, we are experienced in using an instrument of acquisition of equipment as per leasing schemes. We select the optimal terms and leasing companies for the Customer, and we accomplish this mission on an arm’s length basis and in an unbiased manner.

What are the advantages of the leasing of industrial equipment?

Acquisition of equipment on lease terms is a powerful business development tool widely used and well developed in the global industrial practice.

Nowadays, the effectiveness and advantages of equipment acquisition under lease terms are obvious for any experienced manager. The leasing of process equipment is one of the most effective methods for fast updating of the technical facilities and production capacities of the enterprise.

Key advantages:

1. Acquisition of equipment requires no security deposit, because the equipment itself is such security.

2. Accurate accounting records on payments under the leasing agreement enable to reduce tax payment amounts.

3. Saving of own working assets.

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