The supply of Russian-made equipment is a trivial task handled by a great number of companies in the market.

The direct packaged supply of expensive import equipment is a complex task, requiring high competences, high-quality experience and well-established connections.

PromEngineering possesses a huge experience in arranging the import of high technology equipment:

Why customers choose us? We understand the process perfectly well and implement it completely, helping the Customer to achieve an integral result by the efforts of a single contractor:

  • Organization of technical negotiations anywhere in the world
  • Contract-related technical and business negotiations
  • Unbiased analytic of technological solutions, selection of equipment (analytic-based selection of equipment is to be provided  by the Customer, because we are not engaged in the promotion of any brands)
  • Legal consulting in the international law
  • Financial consulting and development of international financial instruments
  • Integrated assessment of project risks and minimization of the same
  • Estimation of the final cost of equipment on DDP terms
  • Estimation of operating and service expenses for the planning period
  • Clear pricing that will be absolutely transparent for the Customer
  • Assistance within the scope of the export permit and license obtaining procedures
  • Export procedures
  • Estimation of the optimal logistics scheme
  • Organization and implementation of equipment delivery to the customs office
  • Optimization of customs charges, substantiation of duty and VAT rates
  • Import clearance
  • Delivery of equipment to the Russian Federation according to the contractual obligations
  • Organization of commissioning works to be conducted by foreign specialists
  • Local organization and support of commissioning works
  • Putting the equipment into operation.

The competent management of a packaged supply project enables to optimize the Customer’s time expenditure and funds. Normal practice for PromEngineering is operation under an agency agreement.

An important aspect, while purchasing any import equipment, is the estimation of total expenses for the maintenance, service, preventive and predictive maintenance, spare parts and accessories, materials. An incorrect estimation of the full cost of equipment may lead to a serious disruption of the business plan of the project and the organization as a whole. A common problem is business or research process interruptions caused by improper planning of service life of the equipment, especially import machinery.  PromEngineering includes such expenses and risks in its estimations from the very beginning, and such approach enables to minimize the force majeure and to maintain under any circumstances the sustainability of the project economics, even in case of unfavorable scenario developments.

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PromEngineering offers innovative technological solutions for your business, optimal project financing, integrated international logistics, efficient project management.

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