Automation enables an enterprise or production site to operate without direct human participation.

The primary purpose of the production automation concept is full-value and high-quality replacement of the worker and, consequently, the prevention of human factor effects, operator’s errors, defects, low qualification level, etc. Automated production leads to efficient increase in productivity, repeatance, accuracy and quality of final products.

The main idea of the arrangement of a production process without human participation became widely spread after creation of industrial robots and the installation of numerically controlled equipment at factories that enables to program the full processing cycle in advance. At the beginning, the pioneers of automated production were mainly car manufacturers, who eliminated human labor in such complex, labor intensive and harmful processes as arc welding of motor vehicle bodies. Subsequently, automatic systems started to be used for the manufacture of consumer goods, foods and household items, enhancing productivity and by that increasing the company’s share in the market.

Production automation elements:

  • Numerically controlled machinery
  • Robots and robotic systems
  • Production systems characterized by a combination of process units and robots, computer-controlled, equipped with devices for the transportation of processed items and the replacement of tools
  • Automated warehousing systems
  • Computer-based quality control systems
  • Computer-aided design systems
  • Planning and linkage of certain elements of the plan with the use of computers

Partial or complete replacement of labor at an enterprise is critical to increase the productivity, eliminate the human labor in labor intensive and complex processes, enhance the production safety and quality.

PromEngineering offers services related to the implementation of automated systems and industrial robots for the traditional industrial sectors and processes, as well as for nonstandard and new technological solutions.

A package of works carried out by PromEngineering when designing an automation system (CAM):

  • Survey of control item
  • Study of technological process
  • Making of a technical and commercial proposal
  • Development of technical requirements
  • Development of technical assignment
  • Development of CAM structure (selection of equipment: sensors, controllers, actuators, display systems, packaged control units, etc)
  • Elaboration of design, estimate and operational documentation
  • Technical support at the stages of production, installation, commissioning and warranty period

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