The general objective of PromEngineering is to enhance the competitiveness of a production facility, research and development organization, laboratory, and to enhance the efficiency of investment, minimizing any risks.

One of important stages of the procedure is a technology and technical audit. 

Audit objectives:

  • Enhancement of return on investment, revealing of reserves
  • Productivity increase
  • Stabilization and enhancement of product quality – cost reduction
  • Expansion of the product range and entering new markets
  • Evaluation of technological potential of the enterprise

Technology audit, as a rule, is the first stage of the project preparation, but can be a standalone service, where, for example, further issues pertinent to the introduction and implementation are understandable to the customer, or where the issue of re-equipment or implementation of new technologies is deemed to be forward-looking, but technical justification of its fulfillment is required.

PromEngineering handles any task only in the context of the overall process with orientation to the ultimate objective, with due regard for long-term production facility or laboratory development plans.

Study of the current technological process enables to make a well-reasoned and weighted analysis aiming to determine whether it is necessary to partially modify the technical process and technologies. Furthermore, the audit enables to study in the fullest and the most detailed manner the entire technical process consistently.

In followup of the works, the Customer will be provided with a complete and detailed analytic report on the completed job with advice on the use of the investigation results in a “as is” or “as may be” format.

Within the scope of the audit, the experts not only analyze the current situation anguage:EN-US'>Stabilization and enhancement of product quality – cost reduction but also develop a set of advice regarding further actions, with preparation of an expanded feasibility study and assessment of financial soundness of the project.

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