General products of PromEngineering are widely popular both in the Perm region and at the whole territory of Russian Federation:

  • complex NPKS fertilizers
  • sulfuric acid
  • hydrochloric acid
  • as well as some of their species

Active application of innovative technologies for processing of wastes of oil, gas, potash and mining industries in the Perm region gives us a high production efficiency and competitive cost of production.

We adopted and continuously develop a unique technology for  production of complex NPK fertilizers, processing waste product of the drying-granulation process of the flotation production of potassium chloride (cyclone dust) as a raw K-component:

Furthermore, we have adopted a technology for production of sulfuric acid from low-liquid products of sulfur crude oil refinery which are sulfur gases. Our own sulfuric acid allowed us to further expand company's product rangeby means of production of highly demanded NPKS-fertilizers, chlorine-free sulfate fertilizers, as well as hydrochloric acid as a product of conversion of potassium chloride.


Sulphuric acid

Chemical formula: H2SO4
Molecular weight: 98,08
density: 1,8356 g/cm3 

Sulfuric acid is a colorless oily liquid, odourless. It can be mixed with water of sulfuric anhydride in any proportions with the release of a large amount of heat. Contact sulfuric acid with a mass fraction of monohydrate 92.5-94.0% is an aqueous solution of monohydrate (100% sulfuric acid).

Sulfuric acid is one of the most active inorganic acids. It reacts with majority of metals and their oxides, enters into exchange reactions, it has oxidative and other important properties. General physico-chemical properties of sulfuric acid solutions depend on the ratio of water and sulfuric anhydride (sulfur trioxide).

Production of sulfuric acid

Our technology process raw materials source for production of sulfuric acid are:

  • waste gases from thermal power plants
  • hydrogen sulphide, as a waste formed during desulfurization of sulfur crude oil at the refinery plants

Due to the low cost of raw materials and the optimal technology, we have achieved a high competitiveness of the cost of production of the acid and by-products.

Fields of application

Sulphuric acid and its species have the following range on application:

  • as an oxidizing, dehydrating and sulfonating agent;
  • as a raw material for production of mineral fertilizers and minerals;
  • as a raw material for the production of colloxilin, widely used in the paint and varnish industry;
  • in the production of chemical fibers, dyes;
  • in metallurgy and for pickling metals;
  • in the oil industry (refining of petroleum products);
  • for filling the batteries;
  • in other reactions of industrial organic synthesis:
    • hydration (ethanol from ethylene);
    • dehydration (preparation of diethyl ether, esters);
    • sulfonation (synthetic detergents and intermediates in the manufacture of dyes);
    • alkylation (preparation of isooctane, polyethylene glycol, caprolactam), etc.

      Our products:

      1. Sulfuric acid technical (contact) grade 1 (GOST 2184-77).

      Internal product ID: ПИ-КСерТК-1С

      2. Sulfuric acid technical (contact), improved (GOST 2184-77)

      Internal product ID: ПИ-КСерТК-У

      3. Sulfuric acid technical (contact) recovered (GOST 2184-77)

      Internal product ID: ПИ-КСерТК-Р

      4. Oleum technical (GOST 2184-77)

      Internal product ID: ПИ-КСер-ОТ

      5. Acid for batteries highest quality (GOST 667-73)

      Internal product ID: ПИ-КСер-АКБ

      Hydrochloric acid

      Chemical formula: HCl
      Molecular weight: 36,46

      Картинки по запросу продукция кислота соляная

      Hydrochloric acid is a solution of hydrogen chloride in water, a strong mono-basic acid. Colorless, "fuming" in the air, a highly corrosive liquid (technical yellow acidic hydrochloric acid due to impurities of Fe, Cl2, etc.).

      The maximum concentration at + 20 ° C is 38% by weight, the density of such a solution is 1.19 g / cm3. Salts of hydrochloric acid are called chlorides.

      Production of hydrochloric acid

      Hydrochloric acid is obtained from the abasic hydrogen chloride HCI, which is formed during the chlorination and dehydrochlorination of organic compounds, the pyrolysis of chlorine organic waste, metal chlorides, the production of potassium non-chlorinated fertilizers.

      Fields of application

      Hydrochloric acid and its species have the following range on application:

      • as a raw material for production of mineral fertilizers and minerals;
      • in hydrometallurgy and electroforming (etching, pickling), for cleaning the surface of metals during brazing and tinning;
      •  for production of zinc chloride, manganese, iron and other metals;
      • in the chemical industry - to acidify the brine in the production of caustic soda, to produce regenerated hydrogen chloride;
      • in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy - to remove the oxide film from the surface of the metal, in the processes of leaching metals from ores.

      Our production:

      1. Hydrochloric acid, off-gas

      Internal product ID: ПИ-КСол-А

      PromEngineering produces hydrochloric acid from off-gas - by-products, which are formed during various processes. For example, when chlorinating hydrocarbons. Hydrogen chloride, which is contained in these gases, is called off-gas, and the acid thus obtained is called off-gas

      2. Hydrochloric acid technical (GOST 857-95)

      Internal product ID: ПИ-КСол-Т


      Сложные (NPKS) удобрения содержат одновременно два или три основных питательных элемента, необходимых растениям (азот, фосфор, калий), в различных пропорциях, а также различные дополнительные микроэлементы. Применение сложных удобрений существенно упрощает решение проблемы сбалансированного внесения питательных элементов в почву, а также повышает урожайность. Сложные удобрения обеспечивают растения необходимыми питательными веществами в удобной для усвоения форме, что позволяет добиться максимальной эффективности сельского хозяйства в различных климатических условиях.

      ПромИнжиниринг производит как стандартные популярные марки NPK-удобрений, так и разрабатывает специализированные составы под заказ. Благодаря нашим инновационным технологиям, использующим малоликвидные продукты и отходы производств в качестве сырья, мы производим продукты с конкурентной ценой на мировом уровне качества.

      Our production:

      1. NPK 16-16-16

      Internal product ID: ПИ-НПК-161616

      2. NPK 15-15-15

      Internal product ID: ПИ-НПК-151515

      3. NPK 22-11-11 

      Internal product ID: ПИ-НПК-221111

      4. NPK 23-22-0

      Internal product ID: ПИ-НПК-2322200

      5. NPK 25-9-9

      Internal product ID: ПИ-НПК-250909

      6. NPK 19-9-19

      Internal product ID: ПИ-НПК-190919

      7. Assortment of Chlorine-free KS-fertilizers

      8. Mixed NPKS-fertilizers customized

      To place orders, please send an application on the official letterhead of the customer organization with the indication of the internal nomenclature (internal ID), the required volumes and delivery dates to or fax +7 (495) 648-69-08. Commercial terms are discussed on an individual basis.

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