Strategic development vector of PromEngineering production facilities is vertical integration for the creation of products with high added value.

Based on the experience of complex NPKS fertilizer production creation, our company together with the scientists of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Technology and Technospheric Security of PSNRU (Perm State University) and the Department of Chemical Technologies of PNRPU (Perm National Research Polytechnic University) is conducting R&D to design and create  high-technology production of colloxylin - the most important raw material for the paint and varnish industry.

Products planned for production:

  • lacquer colloxylin (GOST R 50461-92) grades: В, ВНВ, ВВ, Л, ВНВА, ПСВ
  • Binder for the electrovacuum industry
  • Annual production capacity: 5000 tons / year, min

 Powerful background for the project development and implementation:

  • Our own sulfuric acid production facilities;
  • Capabilities of high-quality wood pulp production in the Perm region;
  • Presence of large customers of colloxylin in the Volga Federal District;
  • Annual growth rate of domestic prices for the products by 15-20%;
  • Support and approval of financing of our project by the Perm Territory Industry Development Fund;
  • Active interest of private investors to the project.

 Design of manufacturing facilities has been started in 2017 by specialized design company.

General engineering partner, supplier of colloxylin production line, is a core-specialized European company. Local engineering partner and Russian project integrator is PromEngineering itself.

Project implementation start and the first financial tranche are planned at  III quarter of 2017, and the production line should be started up in 2019.

This project will not only replace imported raw materials for paint industry, but also create comfortable capabilities and market conditions for the development of a whole range of Russian products and related businesses: enamels, facade paints, nitrocellulose varnishes and artificial leather.

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