Industrial Engineering Ltd. ("PromEngineering") started its activity in 2003, offering the leasing services to industrial enterprises for modernization, re-equipment and creation of new production facilities, and participating in the most active manner in the shaping of the present-day appearance of the Russian high-tech industry.

For almost 15 years of continuous development we've expanded our competencies and spheres of business activity substantially. Today PromEngineering is a modern Russian engineering and industrial manufacturing company. We offer integrated engineering services to industrial enterprises and research and development organizations, basing on the latest engineering solutions and the world experience pertinent to the Customer’s areas of activity.

Our specialists have gained extensive experience in the development, delivery and implementation of energy-efficient and high-technology solutions.

PromEngineering is a good object example of the implementation of this engineering experience as exemplified by its own production business. We created our own small production of NPKS-fertilizers on the basis of unique energy-efficient technologies. We are confidently developing our product range, increasing added value, strengthening the integration, stability and efficiency of our business.

Transition of enterprises to an up-to-date level, creation of efficient production facilities capable to compete across the globe are complex and demanding challenges requiring appropriate knowledge of and skills in such areas as business, engineering, information technologies, personnel training, and many others. It is proper and weighted implementation of any project, as well as reasonable and well-balanced investment, that assure high quality and competitiveness of the company in the market.

Our company is experienced in the organization, management of and participation in projects with engagement of the top experts of the target sector.

PromEngineering offers the following list of services and works:

  • Technology audit of production facilities
  • Analysis of a process or research task set by the customer
  • Analysis of and search for technological solutions
  • Engagement of field-specific experts
  • Development and all-encompassing preparation of a technological solution/li>
  • Feasibility study and development of a project progress plan
  • Interactions with financial institutions
  • Acting as a technical customer
  • Competent preparation of tender procedures
  • Organization of integrated R&D activities, in particular, with engagement of foreign companies
  • Integrated engineering of research, pilot or industrial scale projects
  • Search for, selection and packaged supply of equipment, including direct import from the EU, US, Japanese, Chinese manufacturers, bypassing the needless intermediaries

We offer an optimum cycle of services and provide it on a turnkey basis.

We implement highly complex projects.


We complete absolutely new and nonstandard tasks set by the Customer.

We are free of any distribution obligations and make a choice of appropriate engineering solutions in an unbiased manner.


We are responsible for the ultimate outcome towards the Customer.